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2018: Feature paper on Work in Progress on “North Korean Awareness, Dokdo, and Global Peace Projects,” in Hybrid 02 : Issue on Conflict, academic journal of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan.

2018: Critical Essay, “Venice Biennale 2017: Salon des Réfugiés,” covering Korean, USA, and Antarctic Pavilions of the Venice Biennale 2017, in Media-N, V. 12 N. 4, Academic Journal of New Media Caucus, College Art Association.

2017: Critical essay and review, “Reporting the Future with New Media Art: SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016,” extended English version, covering over twenty artists of the Mediacity Biennale for Uncovering News: Reporting and Forms of New Media Art, Media-N -2016 fall issue: V. 12 N. 3, March. Edited by Abigail Susik and Grant Taylor.  

2016: Special Feature Review of SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016, in Korean translated by Jin Kwon, “Reporting the Future with New Media Art,” Wolgan Misool Arts Monthly, October Issue 381, 132 – 139.

2015: Art book, DPRK POLIPOP : SWEET ♥ REVOLUTION BY MINA CHEON, Mina Cheon Studio, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2015. ISBN: 9781320695909, PAGES: 66. Book design by Travis Levasseur and Leslie E. Chung of MINA CHEON STUDIO. The book showcases 2014 exhibitions at the Ethan Cohen New York gallery and Trunk Gallery Seoul, Korea, as well as including texts by Cheon, art critic Jonathan Goodman, curator Jin Kwon, and reporter Iris Jang of Voice of America. 

2014: Artist statement, “Post Minjoong Misool and Mina Cheon Studio: Critical Polipop of Our Mass Consumption Societies,” Selected Bulletin, Artist Organized Art, New York, NY, February 10, 2014.

2014: Artist statement, “Sweet Revolution: Mina Cheon Dictation Kim Il Soon,” Artist Organized Art, New York, NY, January 23, 2014.

2013: Essay, co-authored by Mina Cheon and Gabriel Kroiz, “The Konglish Critique,” Beyond Critique: Different Ways of Talking about Art, edited by Susan Waters-Eller and Joseph Basile, Maisonneuve Press, Baltimore, MD.

2013: Introduction, “Magic and Media,” Media-N journal, New Media Caucus, affiliated society of College Art Association, Conference Edition, v.08 n.01. The journal includes panelist essays by Laurence A. Rickels, Sue Taylor, Rita Alves, and Evan Malater.

2012: Introduction, “JULY In The City of Seoul: A Piece of Lived History and the Korean Contemporary Art Scene in Seoul July 2012,” JULY PDF publication in Artist Organized Art, New York, NY, September 21. This PDF journal was written and assembled together as a course “Art in Seoul” taught at fine arts and design and global affairs departments, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.

2012: Review, “Time Bandits: Time Bandage, on Ryan Browning and Mackenzie Peck,” Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD, June 1.

2012: Artist statement, “Polipop by Mina Cheon,” Polipop, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 36-51. The artist catalog Polipop published by Sungkok Art Museum is 170 pages and includes writings by Tcheon-Nahm Park, Leslie King-Hammond, Irina Aristarkhova, and Pamela Hagg.

2010: Book, co-authored by Mina Cheon and Gabriel Kroiz, COMBAT: Sports & Military, Culture Bank Publishing, Seoul, Korea. This book is written while Cheon and Kroiz co-taught international summer program “Art and Design in Seoul” at fine arts and design departments, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.

2009: Book, Shamanism and Cyberspace, Atropos Press, Dresden and New York. The book is a theoretical text of 370 pages and received reviews by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, “Shamanism and Contemporary Art,” ArtUS, LA, California, Issue#30, 2010; Kim, Soo-Jung, “Mina Cheon’s Shamanism + Cyberspace,” Artbook Digest section, Wolgan Misool, monthly art magazine, Seoul, Korea, April 2010, p.204; and Joshua Selman, Artist Organized Art, Recommended Reading List. 2009.

2008: Essay, “Japanimanga and Techno-OrientalismCyber passage, ArtUS, special double issue, no 24/25, Los Angeles, CA, 72-75.

2008: Essay, “Kenkanryu (The Hate Korean Wave): Images of Hatred and Racism in Japanese Manga” Ctrl+P: Journal of Contemporary Art, Issue 13, Manila, Philippines, November.

2008: Article, "Hand to Hand," collaboration with Markand Thakar, Urbanite, Baltimore, MD, March.

2008: “An artist wonders: What's driving the conflict between North Korea and South Korea now?” Opinion Section, Op/Ed, The Sun Paper, Baltimore, MD, March 9, 2008.

Review, “ISEA 2008, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, in Singapore is pure elegance,” Artist Organized Art, New York, NY, August 4, 2008.

Interview, “Programming of Gyeonggido Museum of Art: Opening of Nam June Paik Exhibition, Interview with Kim Hong-hee,” Artist Organized Art, New York, NY, August 9, 2007.

Review, “Only One Larry Miller, Larry Miller’s Homage to Nam June Paik at the James Cohan Gallery, Chelsea, NY, April 19, 2007.

2006: Guest editor and introduction, “Asia Effects in New Media,” Media-N journal, 2005 issue and 6th Gwangju Biennale 2006 catalog, international symposia section. These publications include panelist essays by Kim Hong-hee, Wu Hung, Chris Gilbert, Stephen Vitiello, Sowon Kwon, and Semi Ryu as well as conclusion by Krista G. Lynes of New Media Caucus sponsored panel at ARTspace, College Art Association, Boston, MA, and a part of the international symposia event of Gwangju Biennale 2006.

2005:  Article, “No Mall Rats Here, SSamzieGil, a subtle new marketplace in Seoul,” NY Arts Magazine, September/October, Vol. 10, No 9/10.

2004:  Essay, “SCI-ART: Introducing a New Landscape of Science and Art Intermix,” Women, Art, and Technology, Collected Essays of the First International Women’s Art Festival in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 83-110. (Chinese and English)

2002-2004: Regular contributor as M-1000, “SCI-ART,” article series, NY Arts Magazine, New York, NY. Korean translation published in Wolgan Misool, monthly art magazine, Seoul, Korea. Articles Include:

“Mapping Movement,” featuring artists Richard Humann, Robert Lawrence, and Anita Wong, May/June 2004, Vol. 9. No.5/6.

“Extension of Being (Part II),” featuring artists from “SCI-ART” Exhibition (’02) at the Maryland Art Place, Alex Landing, Adam Bradley, David Page, and Timothy Nohe, March/April 2004, Vol.9 No.3/4.

"Extensions of Being (Part I)," featuring artists from the “SCI-ART” Exhibition (’02) at the Maryland Art Place, Valerie Maynard, Donna Hepner, Krista Steinke, Tiffany Holmes, and Laure Drogoul, November 2003, Vol. 8. No.9.

"Science and Art: So Different, So Similar?" September/October 2003, Vol. 8. No.4, 6.

"Post-Photography, Documenting Our Genetic Possibilities," featuring artists of ICP Exhibition, "How Human: Life in the Post-genome Era," Larry Miller, Justine Cooper, art(n), Catherine Wagner, Brandon, April 2003, Vol. 8. No.6-8, 32-33.

"It’s all in the GUT (Grand Unified Theory)," featuring artists Sandra Kaufmann, Michael Bassett, Pat Daughtery, Agnes Denes, and Carol Pleffer, June 2003, Vol. 8. No.5, 9.

"Exploring the Brain and the Role of the Artist," featuring artists Lee Boot, Todd Siler, and Nina Sobell, April 2003, Vol. 8. No.4, 58-59.

"The Science and Psychology of Color in Artwork,” featuring artists Hilary Lorenz, Rebecca Cummins, and Daniel Conrad, January 2003, Vol. 8. No.1.

“Art for the Sake of Life, Art for the Sake of Light,” featuring artists Stephen Vitiello, Benoit Maubrey, and Sandra Wasko-Flood, December 2002, Vol.7, No. 12, 16-17.

“Property, Identity, and Creation Mythologies of Genetic Research," featuring artists Larry Miller, Kathy Marmor, and Eduardo Kac, November 2002, Vol. 7, No. 11, 85-87.

2000: Introduction, “SCI-ART Project,” SCI-ART: Extensions of Being, catalog, exhibition at Maryland Art Place and Park School, Baltimore, MD, 2-3. Catalog includes writings by Satre Stuelke, Richard Kalter, Teri Rueb, and Todd Siler.