Welcome to Motion, artists exploring Interactive Media

Motion ("mot I/O n") is a cutting-edge exhibition that highlights the artistic potential and exploration of interactive media. Exhibited at the Gallery at Flashpoint in Washington, D.C., the show features screen-based work, experimental interface installations and collaborative global network projects created by artists in Baltimore, MD; Tampa, FL.; and Seoul, Korea. Motion challenges the way artworks are commonly viewed and displayed, considering how the implementation of new media and audience participation shape the conditions of art exhibition.

The second exhibition in the 2005-2006 season of the Gallery at Flashpoint, Motion features the works of 13 artists who each explore new ways of combining the physical and virtual worlds by involving the processes of interface design, working with sensors and microprocessors, programming feedback systems and mounting site-specific installations. Making use of a variety of media, the individual and collaborative art works at Flashpoint present creative solutions to the spatial and temporal issues involved in the implementation of new technologies while critically examining the social effects of these new systems.

Pieces include Jacob Mauer and Benjamin Domanico’s Fields, which implements electromagnetic sensors that react to a viewer’s position in the gallery, translating this reaction as a physical phenomenon in a magnetic fluid. Christopher Tate’s The Interface Between is an absurdly augmented computer mouse that initiates a discourse about the human ability to adapt to technological interfaces – a wry intervention between cybernetic habitations and the user as habitué.